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Footage From Famous Chinese Breeding Center Revealed How Pandas Are Really Treated

Pandas are very curious and adorable creatures. Sadly, disturbing surveillance footage of abuse had surfaced from the Chengdu Research Base in China. The facility is a popular tourist destination and one of the largest panda breeding facilities in China. The two giant panda cubs being abused in the video are Manman and Rourou.

The panda keeper is Guo Jingpeng, and for two minutes he can be seen manhandling and mistreating the cubs. In his defense, he said the cub had bitten him, and he was acting on instinct to protect himself. Natural instinct would be to get away, not push, drag, and shove the animals out of the way.


Take a look at this horrifying footage


Jingpeng’s fellow employees even admit that his behavior was unacceptable. Granted, wild animals can be aggressive and bite, but if you can’t control yourself and end up hurting the animal – then you aren’t cut out to be a zoo keeper. Share away, people.

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