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A Girl Finds A Horse On The Side Of The Road — What She Did Proves The Power Of Love

When Kelsie, an Illinois teenager, was driving down a back country lane with her mum early one morning, she was stunned to see a skeletal horse by the side of the road.

The horse had clearly been abused and neglected and was now left abandoned at the roadside. Kelsie and her mother knew they had to do something to help.

They tried desperately to get her into a horse trailer but she wouldn’t get on out of sheer fear. After the horse fell in a ditch Kelsie knew she needed to get the horse home as best she could… That’s when she decided to walk her home.

Kelsie and the horse started their 9-mile journey home which took them over 4 hours.

She eventually got the horse home (who she had named Sunny) but they weren’t out of the woods yet. Sunny was still in very bad shape. She was malnourished, had whip marks on her body and her backbone was sticking out 3 inches.

At this point, Kelsie had fallen in love with the horse and wanted to do all that she could to nurse her back to health. For 5 straight nights, Kelsie slept nearby in the barn with her as she feared that if Sunny was going to die, at least she wouldn’t be alone…

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