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This Rescued Bat Getting Cuddled is the Ultimate Moment of Bliss

Need to smile? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This video shows a lil’ rescued bat, Jeddah, giggling with joy while his human tickles him! Does it get any cuter than that?!

The look on his face is pure bliss. His human wrote on YouTube, “I usually clip my videos quite short when it’s all one behavior being shown, but this bliss went on and on and I just couldn’t bring myself to deprive you of any of the lengthy joy.”

We certainly appreciate it! Just like we appreciate all the hard work bats do for us, humans. Bats play an integral role in our global ecosystem, helping to control pest populations and pollinating many of the foods we eat every day. So we need bats like Jeddah around!

Sadly, bat populations are on the decline around the world. Many bat species are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss, culls, and fatal white-nose syndrome. For Jeddah’s sake – and our survival – let’s do everything we can to make sure we protect the bats!



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