Being Kept In The Smallest Orca Tank in the US for…

Being Kept In The Smallest Orca Tank in the US for 46 Years.

This week marks 46 years of Tokitae, now called Lolita, being confined to the tiniest orca tank in the US. If this isn’t heartbreaking enough, she’s now spent 36 years alone without seeing another whale.

Lolita sitting listlessly in her tiny pool

Orca natural habitat is vast expanses of ocean. While Lolita lays still on the surface for hours on end, wild orcas travel up to 100 miles in a day, and dive to a depth of almost 200 feet. They spend less than 20% of their time at the water’s surface.

Orcas are complex, highly social, and have different cultures – orcas have their own civilization under the sea.  Top predators, yes, but not the vicious “whale killers” that the ancient mariners thought them to be.  If you could give orcas another name, what would you call them?


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