Fox cried out for people to help her trapped cub, But hours later they witness something magical.

When a fox cub got stuck in a drain, heroic bystanders tried their best to free the trapped baby. They couldn’t quite get their arms far enough down the drain so they needed a plan.

Locals heard the cub crying from down the drain pipe and knew they had to work fast to get him out.

The bystanders first noticed something was up when they spotted an adult fox. She was standing in the busy area near the hole without moving.

There was lots of loud noises and people around. But she didn’t move, the fox looked anxious and didn’t seem to run away.

fox waiting for trapped cub

The mother didn’t want to leave until she knew her baby was safe.

The locals used a drainage rod to try and push the cub out. They couldn’t quite reach with their arms so tried to push from a different pipe.

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