Animal Rescue Pleas Public For Help To Save Trapped Animals During Hurricane Harvey

The flooding that has taken place in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey has left numerous people displaced and while there are currently rescue workers trying their best to take control over the situation, there are still a wide range of dogs that are in need of rescue. In the town of Hankamer, there are roughly 100 dogs that have yet to receive the assistance that they need.

Tall Tails Rescue experienced unexpected flooding when one of the local dams was opened and since the dam was opened without any sort of advance notice, this left them looking for a way to assist all of the animals that were left displaced as a result. The dogs were left to contend with at least a foot of water and while some climbed over the fence of the kennel, others elected to remain perched atop their cages.

Kat Miller is responsible for running the shelter and once she and her husband Kevin learned that more dams would be opened, they knew that they had to act quickly in order to provide safety to their cadre of animals. All of the animals remained trapped and had no means of escape as the water continued to rise. We cannot believe that the dam was opened without any advance notice.

Because the rescue was not considered to be in an area that required any sort of mandatory evacuation, authorities did not feel it necessary to provide a warning. Kevin and Kat were not about to leave the dogs behind and they sent out an urgent rescue on the Tall Tails Rescue page on Facebook in search of assistance from anyone who could provide it.

While their plea for help received the traction it needed, time was of the essence and these animals required assistance as soon as possible. Various neighbors and authorities came by on their boats to help out and if you would like to learn more about this rescue and how it played out, be sure to check out the clips of what went down during this incredible moment.

It is our proud duty to report that all of the animals have been rescued and that they are safe and sound now. Thanks to the combined efforts of everyone who banded together during this moment of need, one special couple’s animals were saved. If you wish to provide assistance to the good people who run this animal rescue can send money to their PayPal link at

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