Young girl comes face to face with injured soldier, but 6 simple words leave him holding back the tears

Many of us give to charities or have volunteered at some point in our life. But not often do we get to meet the people who are actually helped by such organisations. One charity is giving us the chance to get to know these heroes.

In this video, we get to do just that with five-year-old Temperance Pattinson.

Temperance (known also as Tempy) is a remarkable little girl, who has been participating in charity organisation for war veterans since she was only 3 years old! But she never got the opportunity to meet with a real war hero.

That was of course, until now. In an attempt to raise awareness, the Help for Heroescharity connected Temperance to a real-life veteran. This veteran had directly benefited from her kindness as part of an online series called “Facing It Together“.

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes brought Iraqi war veteran, Simon Brown, to meet with Temperance.

Simon had no idea what to expect from this incredible 5-year-old charity worker. But he was excited to share his story with her.

Simon was in his mid-twenties when he was shot in the face by an Iraqi sniper in 2006. The wound had left Simon practically blind. After 25 surgeries, clocking up numerous hours in the operating room, Simon was finally gain some of his independence back.

Simon Brown Help For Heroes

Temperance is an incredibly mature child and is incredibly inquisitive with Simon about his journey. She shared with Simon her reasons for participating in charity events.

Even though I didn’t know any of the soldiers, I just thought that they did something for us! I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money.

Simon was stunned by how mature and selfless this young girl was and I’m sure the encounter was a special one of both of them.

Hopefully, Simon and Temperance’s interactions will inspire others to get involved in charity work. The video definitely shows the impact the work does for people like Simon.

Don’t forget to watch this inspirational exchange between two heroes in the video below. Also, we love hearing your opinions. So please let us know your thoughts in the comment section. And please share if you enjoyed the article.


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