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Dog Refuses To Leave The Side Of Man Who Saved Him From Flood

If you see someone in need of help and you can do something, then do something. That goes for people and animals.

That’s what Alex Scroggins said, a survivor of flooding.

Scroggins was just helping his mother and sister gather whatever they could from their homes in the hard-hit town of Conway, South Carolina, when he spotted a dog barking and whining on a neighbor’s porch.

At first, he presumed that the dog’s owner was nearby. He and a few friends who were assisting in the effort continued on their way in his small boat.

After making a couple of trips, however, with floodwaters continuing to rise, Scroggins noticed the dog was still there and growing more frantic.

The man began to wonder if there was anyone who would help that poor labrador.

This Dog Was Left To Perish In A Deadly Flood, But One Human Saved His Life

I asked some neighbors and they said the owner had left the dog there a few days earlier – Said Scroggins

As soon as Scroggins realized that this dog would likely die unless someone intervened, he decided to step in and rescue that lab.

I approached him, and he was skittish at first, since his owner had left him high and dry. After I put my hand out and let him get used to me, he calmed down and I pet him. We scooped him up and took him to safety on the boat – He said

Scroggins was able to carry the dog to the nearest safe place, after the tried to find a no-kill shelter.

All the shelters around him were completely full, so the only thing Scroggins could do was to bring the dog home for the night.

I cleaned him up and fed him. He was so happy to be safe 

Since that day…he named the dog Lucky.

The next day, he decided to talk to some other neighbors, and he just learned that the person who had left Lucky all alone, actually seemed to have no interest in getting his Labrador back.

On top of that fact, Lucky wasn’t the only pet which belonged to that owner and needed help. As per the neighbors, he didn’t care much for the dog anyway.

He had another dog before that needed to be rescued by the Humane Society because he left him tied to a tree outside without food. I don’t think he cared if Lucky would die out there. He had time to come get him, but he didn’t. Who would do that? I’d get my dog before I got anything else.

Although he hadn’t been planning on getting a dog, Scroggins says Lucky will be welcome to live with him from here on out — in fact, he might not have much choice about it either way.

I feel like he understands what happened, ’cause now he refuses to leave my side – said Scroggins


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