Watch: What This Woman Pulled Out From Her Leg Using Tweezers Is Shockingly Relieving

It seems that each day strange things are being discovered. On June 18, YouTube user Shannon Shields uploaded a video titled “Removal of monster…something from my leg.” The stomach-churning video shows a woman extracting a bizarre-looking parasite embedded deep on her leg.

First, she grabs a pair of tweezers and attempts to remove the brown, scab-like creature out of her skin.

parasite 1

But it seems the thing is buried a little deeper than expected. It took her several attempts before she finally gets a tight grip on the unknown parasite.

parasite 2

Moments later, she finally managed to yanks out the unidentified creature out of her leg, leaving a small deep hole behind.

parasite 3

Watch the video:

Amazingly, instead of being disgusted by the painstaking moments, viewers praised her and congratulated her for her achievement with one saying, “Way to go! It’s finally out,” while the other one added, “Yay! You did it!”

It is not yet clear what that thing is. Some said it’s a parasite, a dead tick to be precise. While others said it was just a dead tissue. Some even suggested her to see a doctor. Well whatever it is, it’s such a relief to see it being removed.

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