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This is Lucky, the dog who was saved by a miracle during Hurricane Harvey

This dog certainly lived up to her name; Lucky! With the flood waters rising more and more rapidly, her paws now submerged and her leash tethered to a pole, this dog looked on the verge of becoming a victim to Hurricane Harvey.

Lucky had been left tied up by her owners on the land where they had been living in a trailer just outside Victoria. They appear to have fled the flood, like all their neighbours but sadly they had left their dog behind.

Alan Butterfield for / This terrified dog was spotted by photographer Ruaridh Connellan who trekked through the flood water to rescue the abandoned pup.

The mongrel was soaked through and allegedly abandoned in an area where all humans had fled before the store – Thankfully, intervened.

Photographer Ruaridh Connellan rushed through the flood waters towards the pup in order to untie her from the leash that was close to carrying her to a watery grave.

Fortunately, the flood waters weren’t too deep for Ruaridh but still proved to be a danger.

Connellan managed to free the mongrel as she wagged her tail with delight. She has now been named ‘Lucky’, quite appropriately as well.

If you have any information on Lucky’s owners or are even interested in adopting, please email:

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