Shocking: Evil Twin Found Inside Woman’s Brain Tormenting Her For 26 Years!

It seems there are a lot of odd things that can be found inside someone’s body and one woman can attest to that, as she experienced something unusual – her worst nightmare!

26-year-old Yamini Karanam, a Ph.D. student at Indiana University was having trouble reading and struggling with conversations.

Yamini Karanam

“If a couple of people were talking in the room, I wouldn’t understand what was happening. I just didn’t imagine any of this,” Yamini told NBC Los Angeles.

Feeling something was not right she sought medical help in September.

At first, doctors were unsure what was wrong with Yamani and thought she has a brain tumor, so they performed keyhole surgery in her brain. But, they were all left shocked with what they discovered after.

Yamini Karanam 3

Inside Yamini’s brain was her “evil twin sister” that never developed – a tumor called teratoma.

Yamini Karanam 2

This rare tumor resembles a fetus with organ components like teeth, bones, hair, in some cases, teratoma has eyes, hands, feet, limbs, or torso.

The young woman lightheartedly said that her evil twin sister has been torturing her for the past 26 years.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hrayr Shahinian of the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles admitted that it was only his second time he had come across such case out of the 8,000 brain tumors he had removed.

After their amazing discovery, the teratoma was removed from Yamani’s head and is expected to make a full recovery in just three weeks.

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