This Girl Drains A Giant Nasty Abscess On Her Arm And It’s Horrifyingly Relieving

If you think that the previous posts about a lady yanking a bug off her leg is gruesome and the man having a blob of earwax pulled off his ear was nauseating, think again. Perhaps these videos pale in comparison to this hair-raising footage of a lady having her arm drained of pus.

When there is an infection on our skin, white blood cells flood the affected area to protect the body and fight infection. Thus causing pus-formation which may be excruciatingly painful if it were this big!

This lady prepared herself while a companion readies a blade to cut through the pus-filled upper arm.

pus 3

As soon as the wound was cut, pus and blood drained out of her arm like a tap.

pus 6

You can watch the video below. Just a warning this is a little bit graphic. Be sure to have a strong stomach before clicking the play button.

Others would find this video disgusting. Somehow, there was a sense of relief after all the pus was forcefully drained of this lady’s arm.

H/T: Damn!

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