People In South Africa Believe This ‘Creature’ Born To A Sheep Was Sent By The Devil

One look at this seemingly unnatural animal had superstitious villagers living in fear! Most of the residents of Lady Frere in Eastern Province, South Africa thought that witchcraft and bestiality were responsible for the birth of the creature. But, in reality it was just a lamb that was born deformed.


Clearly, the animal suffered problems while developing and was born dead, but logic and reasoning couldn’t help the panic from spreading in Lady Frere. The images of the stillborn creature went viral, and experts were dispatched from the Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development.


Even Dr. Lubabalo Mrwebi, the Chief Director of Veterinary Services said that the creature seemed to be part human – but in fact was not at all human.


Dr. Mrwebi did confirm that the photos were not a hoax, and the lamb had been infected by a Rift Valley Fever early on in its development. To help drive the point home, Dr. Mrwebi reminded everyone that sheep have 28 pairs of chromosomes and humans have 23 – so there is no way that a human sperm and a sheep ovum could ever produce a living creature.


The deformed lamb exhibited signs that were consistent with a viral infection. It is likely that the lamb was conceived in late December 2016 or early January 2017 – which is the wet season that brings mosquitoes and midges to the area.

The flying insects are carriers of Rift Valley Fever. Most of the residents are not going to be happy until the carcass is burned.


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image credit : cen



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