Man Raped His Girlfriend’s Baby To Death. Now People Want Him Publicly Hanged.

A petition has been started to publicly hang a man who sexually assaulted a 9-month old baby until she died. The man, 32-year-old Benjamin Taylor was found on Monday, October 3rd in the basement of the house he shared his girlfriend, Amanda Adkins, who is also the baby’s mother.

Adkins said when she woke up, she realized that her daughter, Emmaleigh, wasn’t in her crib. The baby was eventually found bleeding and unconscious in the basement.

Taylor, according to authorities had raped the baby in such a vicious manner that she was brain dead by the time the paramedics got there.

The West Virginia Metro News reported that Emmaleigh’s family made the heartbreaking decision to stop life support.

Emmaleigh died immediately. Once the news of the story broke, Taylor’s Facebook was flooded with angry posts calling for him to be hanged in public because jail was too good for him.

People all over the world are disgusted by what he did to Emmaleigh.

The death penalty has been outlawed in West Virginia, but the petition was started and make several good points.

The petition started on October 4th, said that incarceration is not justice when it comes to such horrible actions.

It also said that people would be afraid to commit such heinous acts if the feared the punishment.

Rest in Peace, Emmaleigh, your life never even got started. Share away, people.


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