When You See Why This Kitten Is So Excited, Your Heart Will Melt Away!

It is not every day that a pet gets a pet. And when a kitten gets a pet, it surely is a huge deal! This video shows the curious little kitty cat all geared up to solve the mystery of mysterious looking animal. First, Mister Cat is stunned. But then, he realises that nothing is stronger than he is.

And forth he makes the leap to startle the baby deer. On noticing that the baby deer does not care for his mannerisms, Mister Kitty cat decides to step up his detective skills to air warfare

The kitten then jumps all around the baby deer, collecting information and detecting negligible attention from the beautiful baby deer.

After trying to scratch around the pearly spots on the baby deer, Mister Sherlock Holmes decides to change his attack to army warfare! Mister Kitty crawls around the baby deer, sniffing every inch of his mane, always keeping his kitty manners!
Take a look at this hilarious video below!


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