Crazy Lady Starts Kicking People’s Dogs And Hitting People In The Street

A cruel and bizarre situation was caught on camera when a Burnaby man, Dean Borosevich pulled out his phone after a woman allegedly walked up to his 8-year-old dog Buttons, and kicked her in the ribs.

At that point, the camera catches the woman grabbing for Borosevich, trying to pull the leash from his hands, but, for an unknown reason she claims that he assaulted her. She threatens to take the dog away and then she seemingly tries to egg him into furthering the confrontation asking “Are you gonna hit me?”

At this point, they cross the street where two other bystanders, who are only catching the tail end of the exchange chime in. A man tries to encourage everybody to walk away but the woman reports that the alleged dog-kicker had also punched her without provocation.

Eventually, everyone walked away but Dean is reportedly considering making a complaint to the local SPCA (Society For the Prevention of Cruelty.

When asked about what happened, Borosevich told reporters at Global News that “The first question I asked when I grabbed her was, ‘Why did you do that?’

“She said, ‘because I hate dogs.’”

Glad that clears that up, then.


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