Shark Attack: AV Model Bitten By Shark During Underwater Cage Photoshoot

An AV star wearing a white thong swimsuit dove into a cage surrounded by sharks for a photoshoot but ended with a massive shark bite on her foot.

The risky stunt was supposed to show off custom built technology to support underwater live feeds from anywhere in the world.

Molly Cavalli went inside a shark cage to promote Camsoda.

But while posing underwater, a shark broke through the cage, which clearly has big gaps, and goes for her foot.

The p*rn star quickly escapes the cage leaving the water blood red.

Molly can’t help it but scream in pain after suffering a huge laceration on her left ankle.

According to, Molly was bitten on the ankle by a ten-foot lemon shark. However, this breed of shark is predominantly docile and relatively harmless to humans.

See the shark attack footage below:



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