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Loyal Dog Sheds Tears Right Before Dying After Being Poisoned by Thieves

Dogs are really man’s best friends. They are also the most popular pet choice for humans for their loyalty and capability to act as guards.

This dog in Indonesia was able to fulfill his duty, but at a cost—he was poisoned by thieves.

Achy Wijaya lives in the Merauke regency in Papua province, Indonesia. One night a group of thieves tried to break into Wijaya’s property.

Their dog suddenly kept on barking without break, but they thought he was just barking at a cat or other animal. They ignored him after he stopped, and they slept soundly.

The next morning a heartbreaking scene shocked them—their dog was lying on the ground, shedding tears of pain.

It turned out that he was poisoned by the thieves who tried to rob the family. The faithful dog did his best to scare them away, but unfortunately it costed his life.

The family was shocked to see the dog lying on the ground.

This made us cry.



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