Smoking has negative effects on each organ of the human body. It has been estimated that smoking leads to 87% of all deaths caused by lung cancer. But, it can also contribute to many other health issues and cancer types. Specifically, it can result in the development of lung and heart disease, blood vessel disorders, cataracts and stroke.

So, smoking is considered as a really harmful habit. Unluckily, there are a lot of people who find it very difficult to quit smoking. It usually happens as a result of the fact that nicotine, i.e., a substance present in cigarettes, can lead to addiction, thus causing even greater nicotine cravings.

Moreover, if you quit smoking and do not get nicotine in your body, there is a phase known as withdrawal that occurs. This phase is the most difficult one in the whole process of quitting smoking since your body should gets used to it. In case you are addicted to nicotine and try to give up smoking, then you will experience the following symptoms: anxiety, irritability, headaches, and nausea. In addition, the physical symptoms typically last for several days, whereas the nicotine cravings last longer.

Even though there are different ways to give up smoking, but some of them are more effective than others.

For instance, Stevia is a herb that is a member of the Asteraceae family. It has been long used as a natural sweetener. What’s more, it has also been used as a natural method for regulating blood pressure and losing weight.

Furthermore, this herb is extremely beneficial in cases of dermatitis and acne, so consider using it as a facial mask. You will be amazed by the results because it softens, nourishes, and tightens the skin.

But, Stevia can also help in the process of quitting smoking.

There is a recent German study suggesting that Stevia helped in giving up smoking and drinking alcohol since it obstructs the nicotine craving signals from the brain.

The only thing you should do is apply several drops of Stevia directly on your tongue every time you crave for cigarettes. There is no doubt that by doing this, you will stop the nicotine cravings immediately.

Stevia is available in a liquid or powder form in almost all supermarkets and healthy food stores.

Here Is Also How to Grow Stevia at Home:

It is actually a perennial plant that does not tolerate freezing conditions. This plant should be cultivated in warm areas, but not cultivated in winter months.

Consider cultivating it high-quality, loose, drained soil. Moreover, you should plant it in 12-inch containers, as well as place it in direct sunlight. It is advisable to water the plant if the soil is dry.

This plant can grow up to 3 feet in height if it has about 18 inches free space. In order to protect it from drying out in summer, you should use mulch and compost. Also, it requires good drainage.

This plant blooms in autumn and has white flowers. You should trim off the flowers in order to boost the growth of new leaves.

You can use the Stevia leaves longer by drying them outside in the direct sunlight.

First of all, you should remove the tender stems and leaves of the plant. Afterwards, place them on loosely woven fabric. You can also place them on some non-metal screening.

Once they are dried, you should collect them. Then, by using your hand, crush the leaves to create powder.

Keep the Stevia powder in airtight containers.

It can be added to your meals and beverages.


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