Huge Mystery Sea Creature Washed Ashore In Indonesia, And It Gets Even Weirder

Imagine being a fisherman who has gone out to the waters plenty of times, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. One day, you’re out on the water when you pass what appears to be a large washed up, broken boat.

After taking a second look you realize that it’s not a boat at all, but a huge rotting carcass of a mystery sea creature. That’s exactly what happened to Indonesian fisherman Asrul Tuanakota last Tuesday on the northern shore of Seram Island.

It hasn’t been confirmed what family this large carcass belongs to but according to Daily Mail, some believe that the mystery animal may be a squid because of what appears to be tentacles. But scientists believe that it’s the decomposed carcass of a whale.

But wait, it gets worse. According to Daily Mail, the blob’s dead body has been seriously rotting, turning the water blood red.

The blob has been said to weigh about 35 tons and is measured to be 50 feet in length. That’s the same weight as about four elephants!


Though many are leaning to believe that this creature is part of the whale family, many have their serious doubts.

According to Marcus Chua who works at the Natural History Museum of Singapore, it is too soon to tell what it is because of the advanced stage of decomposition

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