If I Gave You 20 Guesses As To What This Is, You’d Still Be Wrong… P.S. It’s Not Oil.

If you’ve ever been to Southern California, you know that the beaches in La Jolla are some of the best around. That’s why it’s the perfect location for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. Students from around the world go to school here to learn all about the ocean and the creatures that call the ocean home. But when they decided to investigate a large mass just off the coast right by their school, they had no idea they were in for such a wonderful discovery. And you will be amazed by it as well, I guarantee it. This is incredible ocean footage at Scripps Pier which was filmed by students of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the shots that were taken underwater were by Scripps graduate students Julia Fiedler, Sean Crosby, and Bonnie Ludka.

No, this is not an oil spill.

Even though it looks like it.

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You won’t believe what it is. Check it out in this amazing video footage.

Would you have ever guessed that it was something such as a massive anchovy school? They haven’t seen a mass of anchovies like this in at least 30 years. I knew they were an animal that would be caught in the ocean, but it seems like most people only recognize anchovies when they are on their pizza. Or more likely when they are avoiding putting them on their pizza.

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