How To Grow An Unlimited Amount of Tomatoes Using Just 4 Slices And Some Dirt!

Did you know that instead of throwing your rotten tomatoes in the garbage, you can use them to grow an unlimited supply of fresh, organic tomatoes?

Often we discard the rotten tomatoes at the bottom of the fridge but here we will present you with a way you can utilize them to grow your own organic tomatoes.

Growing a Tomato Plant With Rotten Tomatoes

Growing tomato plants is incredibly easy and only requires a pot, a bit of dirt and some overripe slices of tomatoes

First of all, you need four tomato slices. Around a quarter inch thick or less so that the seeds will have direct exposure to the soil. Place them flat on top of a large pile of potting soil in your pot.

Next, to cover those four slices with a light layer of dirt. Make sure that this layer of dirt is as thin as possible while still covering the tomatoes, as if it is too thick the tomato plants will not be able to sprout.

You should notice a few small seedlings begin to sprout after around two weeks of watering your dirt pile every once in a while.

Move around four or five of the strongest looking seedlings and move them to a separate pot. Wait for these seedlings to grow and remove the ones that are not doing as well, leaving only the two biggest ones.

And there we go, that’s all you need to know in order to grow a tomato plant from overripe or rotten tomatoes. Either keep them in your pot, or transfer them to your backyard or garden and get the whole family involved.

Watch this short video that takes you through the steps to grow your own tomatoes: 



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