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NOPE: He Reaches In The River And Pulls Out THIS Monster…OMG

All over the world you’ll find some variation of some different type of snake; they’re everywhere, and they’re some of the coolest creatures you can find.

So when some explorers and adventurers come across them, their average reaction isn’t like that of your average person, instead they get excited! But there’s people out there that take that non-fear to a whole new level, people like this guy.

This is one genius who decided to grab a massive Anaconda by the tail while cruising downriver in a pontoon. You can even hear one of the people he went with start to shout at the man, because there’s nothing more dangerous than a large and pissed off animal! See for yourself in the video below the amount of bravery and stupidity this man had – and it’s definitely a stupid idea.


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