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Baby Horse Was Abandoned By Mom, So They Put Teddy Bear In His Stable. Now Watch What He Does

This is a story of Breeze, a tiny abandoned foal who was found wandering around trying to suckle other mares. He was brought to a local equine sanctuary in terrible condition, weak, hungry and ill. The vets were quick to provide antibiotics, a soft hay to sleep on and lots of food, but one thing they weren’t able to replace was Breeze’s mom.

The baby needed someone to cuddle up to at night so the staff ordered a jumbo Teddy bear to provide some comfort. The footage of Breeze sleeping with it has melted millions of hearts since this video was uploaded and it’s too cute for words.

Breeze was shocked and in a severe state of dehydration and he needed treatment and care immediately. And because he didn’t know where his mother was, he was missing that very important sense of affection that only mothers can provide to their children. He was also very malnourished. But nonetheless, the sanctuary tried it’s best and even got a little creative!

The workers noticed that the foal would become very lonely at night and wouldn’t sleep—they say this is the ideal time (at night) when foals snuggle up with their mothers for a good night’s sleep. But since that wasn’t possible, Breeze would spend the nights depressed and awake.

So the sanctuary decided to act on this—they got him a giant teddy bear to help fill the void of his mother. Breeze was happy to have received this thoughtful gift, and the workers noticed that once he snuggled up to the teddy bear, he would fall asleep instantly.

Just like us humans, animals are also always in need of constant care, love, and affection—it’s so heartwarming to see that Breeze is actually able to cuddle with his teddy friend in order to have a good night’s sleep. It obviously won’t be the same as being with his mother, but it seems like this trick has definitely worked!

Breeze has actually been nursed to good health and is able on his own feet now. What good news!

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