What Happened To These 10 Animals Broke My Heart. That’s Why I Was Crying By The End.

Here at Thenativepeople, we have a super soft spot in our hearts for abandoned animals. They don’t deserve the fate that they receive, so when there is a feel good story it brings us to tears. All rescued animals just want love and a person to call their own. Here are 16 amazing before and after stories of abandoned animals that were given a second chance at life and are living happy, healthy lives now. Some of these were very hard to look at, but at least the after picture makes it all worth it.

1. This is Woody. His owner passed away and he was left abandoned with nowhere to go. He would hide wherever he could and wouldn’t let anyone near him. Finally after being able to get him out of a tight spot, his rescuers were able to clean him up and now he is a trusting and happy pup!

2. Meet Vita. Vita was living in a junk yard in Los Angeles, California where she was almost dead due to starvation. After Vita was rescued, she was given the care she needed, along with some grooming and is very healthy & vibrant!

3. This is Treasure. I can’t believe the before & after pictures of this dog! She was extremely neglected and luckily a passerby saw her on the side of the road. She wasn’t even able to walk due to the matting of her hair! They took her to the vet and cleaned her up! Such a difference.

4. How cute is Theo. His owners moved away and left him on the street to survive. He was on the streets for a year but then Hope For Paws gave him the chance he needed.

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5.This sweet dog’s name is Rasta. He was found on the streets of Montreal. I can’t believe the transformation of this dog! He cleaned up so well and now receives lots of love and attention from his new owners.
6. Olivia was deteriorating fast when she was found. Luckily she was taken to the local animal shelter where they nursed her back to healthy and she’s definitely looking a lot healthier a year later.
7. Wow, this one makes me sick to my stomach. Look at that before picture. This is Miley and she was living in a pile of garbage, literally! She had mange and other injuries that made it so she could barely walk! After getting much needed veterinary care, she is now very happy living with a new family that takes very good care of her.
8. I can’t imagine letting a dog get this sick. It breaks my heart! Kenzi is a Cocker Spaniel who was rescued by the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Diego. She received much needed care and medical treatment and looks like a totally different dog!
9. Iggy’s eye was so infected that he was about to lose his life because of it. Iggy was found in Mexico, but people were so moved by this story, people raised enough money to transport Iggy to the US for treatment where he has made a full recovery and now has a new best friend.
10. Ellen was so matted and dirty that she looked like a much bigger dog. The matting was so heavy that the fur was literally ripping out at the roots, making being alive extremely painful! After shaving 2lbs of fur off of Ellen, she is now ready to begin her new life as a well cared for puppy!

I had a very hard time looking at some of these pictures. I just find it hard to believe that people can be so careless and mean to their animal friends that depend on them so much! Rescued animals are so sweet and are so thankful for their new forever homes.


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