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Firefighter Is Battling A Wildfire When An Elk Walks Up Behind Him… But Watch What Happens!

When wild animals lose their family, they face the challenge of finding a new community to be with. Such was the case in Kittitas County, Washington, where there was an elk wandering onto nearby farms. The elk had been abandoned by her family, and has since been known to approach cows and goats, in search of some sort of companionship. She has even been looking for friends of the human kind!

Firefighters responded to a blazing fire in the woods of Kittitas County, Washington.


They had a break and suddenly had a new friend join them. The friendly elk walked right up and greeted them.


Buttons is his name, and he has become a regular character in the local community. She hangs around various ranches and farms.


She was abandoned by her family very young. So she started hanging out with cows and goats.


Ever since she has been part of the Kittitas County community. She’s even considered a local celebrity by many of the residents.


Usually elk keep safe distances from the humans. But this special girl does not hesitate about getting up close and personal. Even giving out kisses!


Button seems to prefer the company of her new friends, even though elk herds have come through the area before.


The firefighters even received kisses from the elk as she went up to each one of them and nuzzled up affectionately.

Buttons certainly will never be lonely again, as she has definitely found a new family!

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