It Looks Like This Bear Was Going In For The Kill, But Then He Did Something Unexpected.

Recently at a Zoo in Budapest, people were shocked at a sight that is incredibly uncommon. When people think of bears, they think of aggressive and powerful creatures.

They are incredible animals so it is not uncommon that people travel to see them. Well these people at this zoo were shocked to see a crow drowning in the bear pen. The crow had fallen into the bear’s water pond and was seemingly helpless.

The bear saw the crow drowning and went to investigate.  The bear seemed curious to the fact that a crow ended up in his habitat. Wait until you see what the bear does when he sees this crow drowning.

I would be terrified too if I was that crow, but the bear had the best intentions. What a sweet guy. Hopefully the drowning crow made it out unscathed and bless this bear for being such a compassionate animal.

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