A Boy Walked By A Lake And Saw Something Weird. Nobody Saw This Coming. WOW.

Many years back, a young boy was walking along the Kurtna Matasjarv Lake in Russia and noticed something peculiar. He found tank tracks leading into the lake, but couldn’t source any coming out of the lake.

For two months, he returned to the spot to check out what was happening, and once a day, he noticed air bubbles emerging from the lake. He ignored it, but 50 years later, told the story. Local war enthusiasts were intrigued and decided to look into this a bit more.


After notifying authorities, they decided to take a look at the cause of the air bubbles coming up from the lake. They knew it was big and decided to pull whatever it was out from the mud at the bottom of the lake.

And continued pulling for 8 more hours using some very heavy equipment and giant steel cables. They quickly realized it was a full size military tank, leaving people scratching their heads.

It had very old WW2 markings on it.The weight of this sunken tank was around 30 tons and required a 68-ton dozer.A lot of digging, repositioning and pulling was required to pull this tank out of the mud. This is obviously no easy job.

The tank was in surprisingly good condition after they pulled it out. This thing had been sitting beneath the murky water, buried deep beneath the mud for decades.

It was later confirmed that this tank was captured by the Soviet Army in 1944 and then used by the Germans. It is suspected that the tank was intentionally driven into the lake to conceal its location.



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