Fragile baby delivered at 27 weeks had less than 5% chance of survival, after 12 years she is Oprah’s Miracle Baby

For a mother suffering from Lupus, there is always a fear, that each time the pregnancy could end in miscarriage. But, against all odds, this little 10 oz baby survived and is today, at 12, a perfectly healthy normal child.

Eric and Tammy, very much in love, and like all young couples wanted to start their family. They were getting desperate, as Tammy had already gone through a miscarriage before. Tammy, had lupus, where the body’s  immune system attacks normal healthy tissue. When Tammy was pregnant again with a girl, the couple grew extremely anxious. With her condition there was a possibility of another miscarriage.

Tammy during the interview. (Credit: Youtube Screenshot)

All went well, as she regularly went for her checkups and the ultrasound recorded a steady heartbeat. For the ultrasound at 15 weeks, the doctors grew concerned about the fetus. They conveyed to the couple, that the baby had stopped growing. Tammy had to make a very difficult decision. The two choices were, a O% chance of survival were she to deliver the baby right away at 15 weeks, or a 5% chance of survival were she to carry the baby up to 27 weeks. Of course, the second option certainly held more hope.

Since the baby had stopped growing, the doctors wondered if the fragile baby would survive safely until 27 weeks. The doctors thus insisted that Tammy go on bed rest and called her for a check up every other day.

Every other day, the couple went through the pain, the uncertainty of knowing whether their baby still had a heartbeat.

“I remember every day sitting in the car before we would walk into the clinic,” Tammy said. “You would take a big deep breath and you’d prepare yourself that there’s not going to be a heartbeat today.”

Emotional Tammy during the interview. (Credit: Youtube Screenshot)

Yes, every other day, the baby still had a steady, strong heartbeat. Finally, at 27 weeks, Tammy went through a Caesarian section and the doctors delivered the baby. Both mother and Baby Zoe were doing fine, even though the baby weighed an unbelievable 10.8 ounces at birth. Although the baby seemed to be doing fine, the doctors were not at all hopeful she would survive outside the womb considering her fragile condition. But she did and she left the hospital with her mother.

Fragile Zoe after birth. (Credit: Youtube Screenshot)

When finally out of hospital, the couple with their beautiful surviving baby were invited by Oprah to relate their incredible story. Of course, babies don’t know about strength, will power and the rest, but they have an inborn capacity to fight for survival against all odds. It was the baby’s unbelievable strength and the parent’s and doctor’s cooperative efforts that finally got Zoe safe and alive home.

Doctors had given her only 5 % chances of survival. (Credit: Youtube Screenshot)

And one day the baby who wasn’t predicted to survive, started to walk to her parents’ delight. (Youtube screenshot)

And look! The fragile baby grew in this beautiful child. (Youtube screenshot)

But the story is not over yet. After 12 years, Oprah did a follow-up and called the couple. She then Skyped the family into her show. In walked Zoe. All of 12, she looked as beautiful and as normal as any other normally delivered child. She was also old enough to relate the entire experience of her birth in her own words.

You can see it for yourself in this video as Oprah relates little Zoe’s  incredible story.

While it is the doctor’s job to play it safe and advise the patients under their care appropriately, sometimes their skepticism is overruled, by the strength, determination and the positive spirit of those under their care – by especially something as pure and dependable as a mother’s love.

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