There Is An Herb That Can Increase Memory By 75% And Even Fight Dementia!

Scientists recently discovered that rosemary is not only good for spicing up meals, garnishing dishes and bringing a great smell, but is also beneficial for those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease! It does wonders for memory loss and the onset of mental slowing associated with the diseases.

It was researched by Mark Moss and his scientific team. They found that there was a distinct positive correlation between the rosemary scent and improved cognitive function — specifically, memory retention. Just a whiff of rosemary improved the scores on a variety of recall and visualization tasks.

There was also a study that proved that Alzheimer’s and dementia patients could benefit from rosemary aromatherapy. It gives real hope for a natural dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment. Watch this video to find out more about rosemary and its benefits!

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