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Wild Coyote Finds a Ball and Does Something Hilarious

This happy pup is absolutely over the moon with his new toy. Seeing this, we can’t help but think that all animals deserve the chance to experience the little joys in life.

It’s pretty rare to see a coyote this close to the house at all, and totally unexpected to see one playing with the dog’s ball in broad daylight!

There is no questioning that coyotes can be dangerous; they are predators after all, but if we keep our distance and give them the ample habitat they need to thrive then we can all live in harmony.

The ancestors of the coyote diverged from those of the gray wolf, 1–2 million years ago,[6] with the modern species arising in North America during the Middle Pleistocene.

The coyote is a prominent character in Native American legends (Southwestern United States and Mexico), usually depicted as a trickster who alternately assumes the form of an actual coyote or a man. As with other trickster figures, the coyote acts as a picaresque hero which rebels against social convention through deception and humor.



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