Doctors Are Now Warning: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop It Or Face Deadly Consequences

For a long time, aluminum foil has been a kitchen staple. Open up anyone’s utility drawer and you’re bound to find a roll of the silver thinly printed metal. Why? Because it is extremely useful and effective for many kitchen and household tasks.

Foil is often used to cover your casserole and other oven-ready dishes. But now research is showing that if you cook with aluminum foil, you could be exposing yourself to some pretty serious health risks.

One problem is that the aluminium foil is actually a neurotoxic heavy metal which is known to cause minor to severe brain dysfunction. As a matter of fact, studies have linked aluminium foils to Alzheimer’s disease. Other mental conditions which aluminium foils have been known to cause include memory loss, a lack of focus and concentration for a reasonable period of time, improper balance and a loss of control.

It is also believed that using aluminium foil to prepare meals can cause a problem to our bone structure, as it can lower our bone density and make it brittle, by depleting the calcium levels in our bones.

One other major problem that is caused by aluminium foil is respiratory issues, when aluminium foil particles are inhaled, it is believed that they can cause pulmonary fibrosis. Using aluminium foils to grill fish and other meat is not safe either. The aluminium foil will release it’s chemical compounds into the food when it is subjected to high temperatures. There is even a fear of chemical leaching occurring when lemon or spices are added to the food that is wrapped in aluminium foil and exposed to high temperatures.

Researchers from the American University of Sharjah believe that cooking your food using an aluminium foil will release about 400 mg of aluminium into the food. This was the result of studies conducted by a chemical engineer and the head of the research team at the University, Dr. Essam Zubaidy. The engineer stated that when aluminium foil is subjected to high temperatures there is an increase in the level of leaching that occurs as the temperatures rise. He also said that, it is not advisable to use aluminium foil to cook spices, tomatoes and citrus fruits like lemon.

Even the World Health Organization states that the aluminium recommended daily allowance (RDA) should not exceed 60 mg. This makes using aluminium foil in cooking very dangerous indeed as it increases the aluminium RDA by as much as 400 mg if used everyday.


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