WATCH: This Dog’s Face Was Eaten By Maggots, See The Transformation Now

Being with dogs is one of the best feelings ever. You know that a dog’s love is pure and it makes you feel incredibly happy. Likewise, your pets should also get the best care and love because your pets depend on you for their survival. From decent food to a good home, each pet needs to be given affection and enough care.

Sadly, not every pet in the world receives enough support from owners. Some dogs are abandoned in the streets while others are beaten and left to rot. Thankfully, there are good people in the world who spend their time saving abused and injured animals. The process might take long, but the end justifies the means. Read the story below to see how one dog’s life changed for the better when a group of people decided to lend a helping hand.

Looking into the hole

Volunteers from Animal Aid India went to search for this hole. It seems empty, but there is something that needs their help down there.

A poor dog was found

The Animal Aid India volunteers soon discovered a dog that had its face consumed by maggots. The poor dog was left in the hole to possibly have a slow, painful death.

To the rescue

Thankfully, the volunteers were kindhearted and wanted to help the dog named Kulu.

Successful lifting

It took a bit of time, but the volunteers finally got the poor dog out of the hole so that the dog can be treated properly.

Maggots in the Kulu’s face

This is what the dog looked like. The face was in a really horrible condition, and the volunteers actually considered doing mercy killing, but they soon realized that they could give another chance to this dog.

Removing the maggots

One of the first essential steps to the Kulu’s recovery is to have the maggots removed by putting a special type of power to the dog’s face.

Cleaning Kulu’s face

Finally, the fifth day revealed the Kulu’s left eye. It was a glorious moment that made the volunteers realize just how great it was to have treated the dog instead of committing euthanasia.

Kulu looks better now


After three months of hard work and dedication by Animal Aid India, Kulu now looks better and happier than ever.

Getting support from human volunteers

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