People Want Obama To Resign So Biden Can Be President For A Day

The friendship between Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden has been a shining light in a dark time. 

From the day that Biden made Barack a friendship bracelet, to the moment that Obama completely one-upped him and surprised Joe with the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest accolade that a US civilian can receive), their bromance has been heart-warming, tear-inducing and very inspirational. And now, people are hoping that Obama has one last trick up his sleeve…

A post on Reddit has suggested that Barack resign from the Presidency a couple of days early, giving Joe the chance to be President, if only for a very short time.

People have wanted Biden for President for a while. There were calls for him to run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, but largely due to the death of his son Beau (who passed away from brain cancer in 2015), he decided against it.

If he was President even just for a day, it would mean that Trump would be the 46th President instead of the 45th (which would be annoying for him, given that he’s reportedly got a lot of “Trump 45th President” merchandise ready to go), and – while Biden wouldn’t have the time to get anything done – it’d be a nice reward for his eight years of service.

Over on Reddit, they’re suggesting that he should just open an ice-cream hall of fame, because Biden bloody loves ice-cream.

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