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Daughter asks stepmom to adopt her, inscribes loving message on handmade jewel

Step relations can be tough! They can be a pain and can also be a rare joy. 17-year-old Marissa Thamann, from Ohio experienced  the most beautiful relationship with her step-mom.

In a video shared on Little Things and recorded a day after Christmas, Marissa shows her gifting her step-mom, Heather Thamann a homemade ornament. As Heather turns the beautifully crafted ornament around, she reads the message written behind, “Will you adopt me?”

Marissa’s heart touching gesture moved Heather to tears. It obviously would have been a great feeling to realize that the child you love also loves you equally.

“The papers are already signed. You just have to sign them,” Marissa is heard telling her crying mother in the video.

“I’ve been waiting for so long,” Heather replies.

Little Things reports that Marissa lost her mother when she was just three months old and Heather has been looking after her since she was four years old.

The beautiful ornament came along with a special letter written to Heather in the gift box.

“You may not have been there for my first breath, or the first time I walked or talked, but you were there when I lost my first tooth. When I learned how to ride a bike. When I started having feelings for boys. When I was becoming a woman… Thank you for being the mom I needed. Thank you for overcoming everything that has been thrown at you. I love you.”

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