If You Thought Horses Couldn’t Get Any More Gorgeous, You Need To See What These People Do.

At JMC Equestrian in the U.K., caretakers are using some incredible skills to give their horses a new dimension… and it just has to be seen to be believed.

When it comes to sheer beauty, few animals can compete with the horse.

Gypsy Vanner Horse mare

With their amazing hair and proud bodies, they’re simply a joy to behold.


It almost seems like nothing could be done to add to their splendor.

But at JMC Equestrian in the United Kingdom, they’ve figured out a way to make their horses even more amazing.

Horses are often clipped in the winter to keep them from getting soaked with sweat that can then sap their body heat. But at JMC Equestrian, they’ve decided to get a little more creative with the practice.

They use clipping shears to gently shave amazing patterns into their horses’ already stunning coats.

They’re not just limited to a few different shapes, either.

And they do some pretty amazing stuff!

This horse is named Romeo, and he might just have the best haircut on the planet.

The patterns in his coat took over three hours to do by hand.

He looks darn good…

… and looks like he know it.

It’s like something from a fairy tale.


Holy cow! I just hope these horses can appreciate just how unbelievably good they look.



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