Mysterious 7000-Year-Old ‘COSMIC EGG’ Found In Portugal Depicts Earliest DNA Symbol!

Fascinating stone monuments can be found everywhere, which serve as a vestige of mystical significance from ancient cultures around the globe. Ranging from the medieval era to the stone age, mysterious stone artifacts with strange symbols have left researchers scratching their heads for centuries now.
One of these strange stones can be found in Algarve, Portugal. It consists of a carving of what looks like a double helix, which is the symbol for DNA.
This “Cosmic Egg” was found by British researcher and author Peter Daughtrey, and it’s estimated to be a 7000 year old artifact. Quite mysterious having a DNA symbol carved on an ancient stone right?
Experts think that the symbol could also represent a “rod”, which were regarded as divine intruments during ancient times among many civilizations, from Mesapotemia to Egypt. The “egg” is also a very important symbol from ancient times, which represents life and creation.
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