Do You Know What The World’s Deadliest Animal Is? The Answer Will Surprise You…

We all know to avoid certain predators because they could kill us in a heartbeat. Sharks, lions, tigers, bears, venomous snakes — you know the drill. There are some famously vicious predators roaming the Earth, and we need to avoid crossing paths with them at all costs. But which one is the deadliest of all?

Gather your friends and place your bets before watching the video below…but be conservative with your money. The answer is bound to surprise you. There you have it. One tiny little insect even beat humans, and we”re pretty destructive creatures. We”re supposed to be at the top of the food chain, after all.

Be sure to carry bug spray around with you this summer so you don”t fall victim to the world”s most fearsome harbinger of death: the mosquito.


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