Famous Jingle Dress Dancers

Of the couple thousand dancers who are traveling the Powwow trail this Summer, here are a few Jingle Dress dancers who have gained National prominence in Indian Country.

Each of these ladies below share a common background being a Jingle Dress Dancer, whether its been by winning major Powwow dance competitions showcasing their intricate foot work, being asked to lead a Powwow as a head dancer or having a massive following on Facebook.

If you’ve been following Acosia’s Facebook page lately, you’ll notice that she traveled from Oregon to Wahpeton, South Dakota., to teach a yoga class and while in the area, she felt a call to the region where the jingle dress dance originated.

This week was very important for me.  I went to Red Lake Minnesota because I knew I needed to.  It was my first time there, and as a Jingle Dancer I have always known I needed to go there.  I was accepted by the people in a good way and they made me feel so welcome amongst them. I had the chance to speak to some local women who shared stories with me.
I was gifted by many people this weekend with Wild Rice, Walleye and Sage among other beautiful gifts. And in return gifted them with special things from my home.  Important words were shared.  I felt a pull to the East after Parshall Powwow and knew it was time” – Acosia Red Elk

I really don’t think this lady needs an introduction, Tonia is widely known thru Indian Country for her funny comedy sketch videos about Indian life, Tonia is also a former Head Lady at the Gathering of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Tonia recently went to Merritt, British Columbia., and found her twin, well, its not really her twin but somebody who looks just like her, the resemblance is uncanny. (thats Lepika Gilmore on the left on & Tonia on the right)

You can find out about our last famous Jingle Dress Dancer on her Facebook page.

Willow is another champion Jingle Dress Dance dancer who has overcome personal hardship from two auto accidents, after being told by her doctors that she would never walk again, Willow, “one upped them” , by dancing again.  If you watch Willow’s page on Facebook, you could probably buy one of her hand sewn powwow outfits directly from her page. (



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